The PumpkinBrook.Com website contains information about the Pumpkin Brook area and is the web presence for Jack Russell Rescue in Massachusetts.

Pumpkin Brook, a small tributary of the Squannacook River flows through what is now known as the 'Pumpkin Brook Link', 136 acres of forested land adjacent to the Squannacook Wildlife Management Area and the Hunting Hill Conservation Area in northern Shirley, Massachusetts. Together they comprise more than 500 acres of mixed hardwoods and softwoods (primarily white pine, oak and maple in various stages of maturity) with large sections of shrub and wooded swamp.

Much of the water within the area is contained in swamp and marsh habitat, which serves as the headwaters for Trout Brook and Pumpkin Brook, both of which are stocked trout waters. Beaver activity has created some small impoundments on these waters. Native wildlife includes ruffed grouse, woodcock, beaver, red and gray squirrels, raccoons, coyote, fisher, foxes, black bear, and numerous non-game species.


As in most of New England,  streamflow into the Squanacook River from brooks such as Trout Brook and Pumpkin Brook has significant seasonal changes. The Squanacook’s  headwaters drain an area that is some of the most forested (79%), least developed (10% residential) in the watershed. This results in a cold, clean main stem river that is frequently cited as prime habitat for listed rare species and native brook trout in the upper reaches.

Pumpkin Brook